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  • Breathing to Get Smart.

    Practice proper breathing to improve your life.

    The need to breathe…properly.

    Aren’t I doing that already? you may ask.

    Especially since I would be dead if I were not breathing!

    How we breathe influences our mood, overall health and longevity. Shallow breathing will cause a deterioration in these characteristics whereas deeper rhythmic cycles promote them.

    The diaphragm is the main muscle which is activated to initiate inhalation and exhalation. It has attachments to your ribcage, heart and spine. A healthy diaphragm descends on inhalation thereby massaging the internal organs and spine. On exhalation when the diaphragm lifts unimpeded there is optimal cellular exchanges of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

    It is always a good idea to take some time outs during the day just to focus on the rhythm of your breath and bring it back to a calm rhythmic cycle. This will help rejuvenate you and bring about equanimity; especially needed when making those important decisions.

    Sit up straight, feet on the floor with your hand on your navel, inhale and allow the diaphragm to lower as much as possible, your belly should begin to expand. Take a full in breath without tensing your shoulders and then allow the breath to release by slowly letting go of the diaphragm. In every cycle try to observe which is longer, your inhalation or exhalation, then adjust to improve their parity.

    Breathe through the nose if possible as this energises the brain.
    Keep the eyes closed as it helps you to focus.

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